Friday, April 15, 2011

Ferns! Mosses! Terrariums! Some stolen english ivy I cut from a neighbor's fence and arranged in a bud vase!

If you guys haven't been in Dig recently, I think it's time. There's a wonderful selection of ferns, mosses and terrarium supplies in the store. It's actually how I met Chuck, the owner of Dig. I was looking for some ferns and decided to stop by the store. We both connected instantly through our perversion with plants (particularly the ferns). We shared a laugh, he shared with me some of his flora insight, I bought my plants and then... he told me to get the hell out of his store because I smelled like cheese and needed to brush my hair. Needless to say, I fell really hard for him & the store.

Did you know Dig does one-on-one terrarium classes? Call the store at 718.554.0207 to schedule a class with Chuck. My little terrarium pictured above is about 2 months old and is still going strong. And it still makes my heart all excited when I look at it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

           Preschool playtime: Neighboring baby morning glory (left) and baby borage socializing in their pens.

My little nursery of baby seedlings are really starting to get all amped up on spring. Morning glory seeds are animals! I think after the first 4 hours in a bowl of water they started to get their freak on (germinate). After maybe 3 days, these big ole monster seedlings started breeching out of the soil. You should all obtain some for yourself and watch the magic show unfold.

I'm most excited for the borage because I'm most excited for the bumblebees it will attract. But I already know how this will end...

Cue: the visual of me on my boyfriend's back porch, trying to enjoy the sunny weather. But then I spill some sweet, sweet lemonade on my self. And then I panic because I know what is about to happen. And then the bees swarming around the borage start to swarm around me. And then I'm basically on (bee) fire. Yelling and screaming, flailing and falling. But no one saves me because no one cares... Because as I am write this, I have learned (through a quick google search on bumbles) that bumblebees rarely sting. Me a idiot.

Look at these lovely planters Chuck did. They're right off Atlantic Ave, situated at the corner of Hoyt St. (flanking the new half of the Steven Alan store). Come stop by the store with your barren window boxes and planters. It's time and Chuck always knows how to remedy them.

 I am really in love with the Andromeda in them: the way its stems are draped and dripping, how they blow in the wind. So whimsy and romantic.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


...We know: we've been very bad.

And like bad parents trying to remedy their own shortcomings to neglected children, we're here to present you with lots of cookies and candies.

We're back. I promise. With lots of pretty pictures and plant ideas for your apartment. And Chuck, with all of his charisma and wit.  We have a lot to give and we think you might enjoy it. I will be here to keep you posted on:

                                    - floral stylings
                                    - new items in the store
                                    - DIY guides to plant related goodness
                                    - Q&A's pertaining to plant/ garden care
                                    - picture porn of Chuck's beautiful plant collection 
                                    - decor ideas (especially for the city dwellers tight on space)

 & probably some other curve balls to keep you all sitting nice and spoiled.

Take us back.